[[t]ˈɜrθ li[/t]] adj. -li•er, -li•est
1) of or pertaining to the earth, esp. as opposed to heaven; worldly
2) possible or conceivable:
an invention of no earthly use to anyone[/ex]
Etymology: bef. 1000 earth′li•ness, n. syn: earthly, terrestrial, worldly, mundane refer to that which is concerned with the earth literally or figuratively. earthly now almost always implies a contrast to that which is heavenly: earthly pleasures; our earthly home. terrestrial applies to the earth as a planet or to land as opposed to water: the terrestrial globe; terrestrial areas. worldly is commonly used in the sense of being devoted to the vanities, cares, advantages, or gains of physical existence to the exclusion of spiritual interests or the afterlife: worldly success; worldly standards. mundane is a formal equivalent of worldly and suggests that which is bound to the earth, is not exalted, and therefore is commonplace: mundane pursuits.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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